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Fyne Audio F500SP Kompaktlautsprecher


  • Vintage style compact speaker that incorporates the design and technology of Fyne’s large floor standing units.
  • Fyne’s speakers designed by the laurelled Dr Paul Mills combine vintage warmth and modern precision, complete with biwired ready passive crossover.
  • 6″ IsoFlare point source driver Multi-fibre bass / midrange cone.
  • FyneFlute surround with 1″ magnesium dome compression tweeter.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Available in piano gloss black, piano gloss white and piano gloss walnut finish.

Alle Spezifikationen

Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gewicht 8,1 kg
Abmessungen(HxBxT) 323 mm x 200 mm x 320 mm
Gehäusetyp 2 Wege mit nach unten abstrahlender Reflexöffnung, BassTrax™ Traktrix-Schallführung
HT 25 mm Druckkammertreiber, Magnesiumkalotte und Neodymmagnet
MT/TT 150mm Faserwerkstoffmembran Tieftöner mit FyneFlute™ Randeinspannung
Lautsprecher Technische Daten
Empfindlichkeit 90 dB
Impedanz 8 Ohm
Übergangsfrequenzen 1,7 kHz
Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung 30 - 120 Watt
Frequenzgang 42 Hz - 34 kHz (-6 dB)

The concept distills some of the very best components and engineering from across Fyne Audio’s high-end

series into more affordable loudspeaker designs that set new benchmarks for performance at their price. Designed and tuned by Technical Director Dr

Paul Mills, and hand-built at Fyne’s UK factory, the F500 SP Series bring much of the driver, crossover, and bass tuning expertise from the F700 and F1 Series into the more compact and simpler F500 Series cabinet design.

Using IsoFlareTM drivers derived from the F700 Series, the Special Production models benefit from a premium magnesium dome HF diaphragm that delivers a better controlled and sweeter sounding top-end response. The driver incorporates Fyne’s Flux Focusing System on the motor that creates high flux density in the voice coils for tighter bass and higher LF sensitivity. The multi- fibre cone and FyneFluteTM surround are manufactured from the same materials as the F700 Series Isoflare drivers.

The SP models also incorporate Fyne’s Basstrax LF diffuser system with its Tractrix profile diffuser cone engineered into an aluminum sandwich plinth.

This best integrates LF energy into the room making the speakers more tuneful and less critical of in-room positioning.

Other trickle-down enhancements over standard F500 models include premium hand-built crossover architecture and components, high-end silver-plated Van Den Hul wiring and chassis earthing via a five terminal connection panel.