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Fyne Audio F502SP Standlautsprecher


Improving on the F502, the UK built SP edition uses the premium 200mm (8″) IsoFlareTM driver and 200mm (8″) bass/mid driver from the F702, featuring rigid multi-fibre cones and FyneFluteTM roll surrounds.

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Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gewicht 30,4 kg
Abmessungen(HxBxT) 1110 mm x 338 mm x 380 mm
Gehäusetyp BassTraxTM Tractrix-Diffusor *, Doppelkammerladesystem
Bauform 2 ½-Wege, nach unten schießende Öffnung
HT 1 x FyneFluteTM-Surround mit 25 mm Magnesium-Kalotten-Hochtöner und Neodym-Magnetsystem
MT 1 x Antriebseinheit mit 1 x 200 mm IsoFlare-Punktquellen-Treiber, Multifaser-Bass- / Mitteltöner
TT 1 x 200 mm Multifaser-Basskegel, FyneFluteTM Surround
Lautsprecher Technische Daten
Empfindlichkeit (2,83 Volt bei 1 m): 92 dB
Impedanz 8 Ohm
Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung 30 - 200 W
Frequenzgang 30Hz - 34kHz

The IsoFlare’s 25mm magnesium compression tweeter has a unique HF wave guide pole piece delivering an incredibly even, full-range frequency response and outstanding musical imaging. The F502SP also benefits from the F700’s advanced crossover components and aluminium sandwich type plinth with BassTrax tractrix profile bass diffuser, re-engineered to precisely tune the F502SP’s more compact cabinet. The SP is available in high-gloss black and high gloss white as standard, or in a new, luxurious deep gloss lacquered walnut veneer with diamond machine cut finish on the aluminium chassis.