Hi-Fi Neuheiten

Fyne Audio F702 Standlautsprecher


  • High-end audiophile-grade speakers.
  • Handcrafted in the UK with attention to detail and quality materials.
  • Dual cavity design for improved bass response and soundstage.
  • Utilizes advanced technologies such as IsoFlare and BassTrax.
  • Sleek and stylish appearance with a choice of luxury finishes.

Alle Spezifikationen

Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gewicht 30.5kg
Abmessungen(HxBxT) 1111 mm x 384 mm x 439mm
HT FyneFlute™ surround with 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system
MT 200mm IsoFlare™ point source driver, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone,
TT 200mm multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute™ surround
Lautsprecher Technische Daten
Empfindlichkeit 92dB
Impedanz Ohm
Übergangsfrequenzen 250Hz & 1.7kHz
Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung 30 - 200 W
Frequenzgang 30Hz - 34kHz

The F702 blends a 200mm IsoFlare point source driver and 200mm multi-fibre bass driver into a twin cavity tuned cabinet with a BassTrax LF diffuser integrated into the down firing port. Articulate, powerful and capable of delivering stunning dynamics and real world volumes, the F702 is ideal for recreating a truly captivating listening experience in mid to large sized rooms.

Refined, elegant and powerful, the Fyne Audio F700 series sets new benchmarks in loudspeaker performance and aesthetic design. Built in the UK with Fyne’s innovative point source IsoFlare drivers and BassTrax tractrix diffuser system, the three strong F700 range distils trickle-down technology from the flagship Fyne Audio F1 loudspeaker into a more affordable design for the contemporary home.

Isotropic energy radiating point source drivers, magnesium compression tweeters, neodymium motors and Deep Cryogenically Treated crossovers hint at the range of extreme technologies at work on the inside. Curved, twin cavity tuned enclosures built from the finest birch ply, massive all metal plinths with integrated tractrix profile diffusers and lavish piano lacquer finishes craft understated luxury on the outside.

The result is an outstanding series of contemporary loudspeakers with unrivalled specification, breath taking aesthetics and performance that leverages the Fyne Audio teams’ decades of the expertise in designing some of the world finest loudspeakers.