Rega Aethos Vollverstärker


The Aethos stereo amplifier is housed in a brand new, custom designed case. Employing four 160 W 16 Amp output transistors per channel, this delivers 156 W per channel into 6 Ω. The Aethos is a dual mono design using a custom wound toroidal transformer and regulated supplies for the sensitive amplification and driver stages. The pre-amplifier stage uses class-A discrete circuitry throughout. The Aethos is a no compromise product with one goal, to deliver your music as faithfully as possible.

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Technische Daten
Ausgangsleistung 156 W pro Kanal in 6 Ω (125 W pro Kanal in 8 Ω) Dual Mono
Harmonische Verzerrungen THD 0.007% @ 1 kHz
Harmonische Verzerrungen + Rauschen THD+N Typischerweise 0,007% @ 1 kHz (Messbandbreite 22 Hz bis 30 kHz)
Ausgangsimpedanz Record 560 Ω | Pre-amp 100 Ω
Leistungsaufnahme 415w (Maximale)
Analoge Eingänge 5x Line-in RCA, 1x Direct-in
Analoge Ausgänge 1x Rec-Out, 1x Pre-Out
Kopfhörer Ausgang Ja, 6,3 mm Klinke
Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gewicht 17.5 kg
Abmessungen(HxBxT) 95 x 433 x 360 mm
Unterstützte Audioformate
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör
Was ist im Lieferumfang enthalten? Fernbedienung, Bedienungsanleitung

Design Innovation

Our time, effort and money have been spent on developing the circuit and construction, utilizing the highest specification of components throughout. As part of the design we have included useful features such as the switchable direct input and preamplifier output, to enable the new Aethos amplifier to be used in a wide combination of systems. The headphone socket has been integrated such that the speaker switching is performed by the output mute relay as so not to obstruct the signal path and degrade the sound quality.

We have taken the design concepts underpinning the multi award winning and hugely successful Elex-R and Elicit-R and propelled the performance to the next level and beyond with a 125watt dual mono design with features such as fully discrete FET based line amplifier, polypropylene capacitors throughout the signal path, K-Power reservoir capacitors, power amplifier regulated supply and a high current output stage comprising of four 160w Sanken output transistors per channel.