Solidsteel HF-5 Ausrüstung Rack


  • Provides maximum support and minimal physical contact with the surrounding environment.
  • Made of solid steel rods, polished for a smooth and shimmering finish.
  • Features a central segment of variable length for diverse requirements, with attached elements for support.
  • Includes securing screws, insulating spikes, and decoupling pads made of solid steel to minimize vibration transmission.
  • Incorporates rubber O-rings for improved fit and further absorption of mechanical energy.

Alle Spezifikationen

Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gehäusematerial Hardware: Edelstahl (INOX), Regale: MDF (mitteldichte Faserplatte)
Maximale Belastung für jedes Regal 80 kg.

The four pillar design is geometrically positioned to give maximum support and minimum physical contact with the surrounding environment. The rack stems are made of high-quality solid steel rods, polished by a state of the art process giving a smooth and shimmering finish. In order to provide the necessary modular structure, the frames comprise a central segment of variable length to meet diverse requirements, to which are attached the other elements that make up the rest of the support mechanism. Adding to the technical composition are securing screws, insulating spikes (very strong, beautifully secured, adjustable, strong locking with a clamping screw) and decoupling pads, also made of solid steel. Amongst the elements to be assembled are rubber o-rings, similar to a piston ring with the purpose of improving the fit while reducing the transmission of mechanical energy. This is the traditional Hyperspike Vibration Free System, designed by Solidsteel. The shelves dimensions are actually the largest produced in our range of products for vertical racks. It is available both in flat black, glossy black and in glossy white finish. Each shelf have a weight sustainability of tested 80 Kg (176 lb).

Great for high-performance audio gear

The sleek Solidsteel HF-5 stand is designed to hold your high-performance audio gear in a virtually vibration-free environment. The open shelves provide plenty of space for components like a turntable, preamp, power amp, CD player, and more.

Uncompromising quality

Every aspect of the HF-5 stand is designed to eliminate performance-robbing vibration. Each shelf is made of solid MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to provide an inert base for your component. Four polished steel pillars support each shelf, resting on solid steel decoupling spikes that minimize contact with the shelf below it. The pillars feature rubber O-rings, which act as pistons to further absorb vibration.

Spacious design

The shelves are generously proportioned to accommodate oversized audio gear. And each shelf can support up to 175 lbs., ideal for beefy high-performance components. And the rounded, minimalist styling of the HF-5 makes the stand a welcome addition to your listening room.


  • 5 component shelves.
  • Each shelf: 1-1/8 thick MDF, supports up to 175 lbs.
  • Coated with non-resonant scratch-resistant black rubberized paint.
  • Top shelf measures 25-7/16W x 22-1/8D.
  • Lower shelves measure 21-1/8W x 22-1/8D (usable space).
  • Steel pillars with solid steel decoupling pins.
  • Shock-absorbing O-rings.
  • 25-7/16W x 48-1/8H x 22-1/8D