Solidsteel HP-2 Prestige-Keramik Hi-Fi Ausrüstung Rack


To celebrate the big success of the traditional “Hyperspike Series”, officially introduced in the world market in 2006 and still present as the highest technical and qualitative expression of our brand products, comes the new and innovative Hyperspike Prestige Series (HP Series) with the purpose of paying tribute to the universe of high fidelity through a line of élite products having solid stainless steel structures and shelves in ceramic filled with a medium-high density polyurethane foam.

Alle Spezifikationen

Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gewicht 28 kg
Abmessungen(HxBxT) Außenmaße: 580 mm x 505 mm x 480, Innenmaße: 488 mm x 315 mm x 480
Gehäusematerial Hardware: Edelstahl (INOX), Regale: Keramik; Harz an den Rändern; Innen mit Polyurethanschaum gefüllt; An den Rändern und auf der unteren Seite lackiert.
Maximale Belastung für jedes Regal 100 kg

In order to provide the necessary modular structure, the frames comprise a central segment of variable length to meet diverse requirements, to which are attached the other elements that make up the rest of the support mechanism. Adding to the technical composition are securing screws, insulating spikes (very strong, beautifully secured, adjustable, strong locking withla clamping screw) and decoupling pads, also made of solid steel. Amongst the elements to be assembled are rubber o-rings, similar to a piston ring with the purpose of improving the fit while reducing the transmission of mechanical energy. This is the traditional Hyperspike Vibration Free System, designed by Solidsteel. The shelves dimensions are actually the largest produced in our range of products for vertical racks. It is available both in flat black, glossy black and in glossy white finish. Each shelf have a weight sustainability of tested 80 Kg (176 lb).