Solidsteel HW-2 Breit Hi-Fi Ausrüstung Rack


The Hyperspike Junior Series is also aimed at users of audio-video components who want to achieve the best performance possible with their system. The Hyperspike Wide Series was created, with structures capable of accommodating and supporting a wide-screen TV together with other components such as a DVD player, AV amplifier, central speaker and decoder.

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Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Abmessungen(HxBxT) Außenmaße: 1090 mm x 386 mm x 410 mm, Innenmaße: 1000 mm x 244 mm x 365 mm
Gehäusematerial Hardware: Edelstahl (INOX), Regale: MDF (mitteldichte Faserplatte)
Maximale Belastung für jedes Regal 130 kg

The Hyperspike Wide models come in a five-fixed pillar structure for maximum support with adtustable flat foot ends for maximum ease of positioning. Three-shelf audio table, with solid steel, five pillar structure.
MDF Light shelves. Solid steel adjustable feet.