Hi-Fi Neuheiten

Solidsteel HY-2 Hochwertig Audio Rack


In Short: Two-shelf modular audio table with a solid steel, four-pillar Hyperspike Junior design. It is ideal for accommodating a minimal audio system: (analog or digital) source and amplifier. Perfect if coupled to suite more components.


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Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Abmessungen(HxBxT) Außenmaße: 600 mm x 445 mm x 500 m, Innenmaße mm | Zoll: 600 mm x 285 mm x 500 mm
Gehäusematerial Beschläge: Volledelstahl (INOX), Regale: MDF geadelt (mitteldichte Faserplatte)
Maximale Belastung für jedes Regal 70 kg

Since its first official launch in 2006, the Hyperspike Series is been classified as our top range of products. It united our Italian design to the innate tendency for the research of innovation for what we make, making our brand famous worldwide. In 2018 Solidsteel writes a new chapter of its history. The audio passionates and the emotions are always more the main focus of the project. The innovation offers new positive feelings and our catalogue have new ideal solutions to the top audio systems. We like to define the HY Series as a “Functional Beauty”. Each stylistic details is focused on the HY racks, which are the natural four-pillar evolution of the well known Hyperspike Junior (HJ Series) experience, developed from decades. A furniture solution of unique style, always consistent and faithful to the stylistic lines of our brand. Thanks to the perfect combination of its materials, the HY Series is actually our best offer with value for money.

Stainless steel frame parts, the same adopted for many years on the HJ Series, are designed for being assembled on wooden shelves painted in flat black finish (MDF ennobled, in compliance with European and US regulations on harmful emissions). The rear of the rack is free for the best care of the cables. Just like the other Hyperspike Series, the HY racks are concepted for eventually customize the clearance between the levels in order to accommodate the most of the audio-video components on the market. The heights available with our special kits varies between 145 mm and 325 mm (from 5,7 to 12,8 inches). The regular shape of the shelves (600×500 mm | 23,6 x 19,7 in) may also allow to combine multiple units for increasing width. The bottom frame parts are made by stainless steel combined to our legendary regulable spikes for a perfect leveling of the structure. Each frame part is made with numerical control machines. By the HY Series racks it will be possible to give more value to your music experiences. Your components, present and future, will be accommodated on the right place.