Solidsteel S3-3 Hi-Fi Geräteträger


The S3 Series draws inspiration from decades of production results achieved by the historical Series 3, 5 and 6. The technical experience gained through the study and the development of individual models marked the history of the brand Solidsteel from more of twenty years

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Physikalischen Eigenschaften
Gewicht 22 Kg
Abmessungen(HxBxT) Außenmaße: 584 mm x 670 mm x 430 mm; Innenmaße: 500 mm x 245/245 mm x 430 mm
Gehäusematerial Rohre: lackiertes Aluminium (eloxiert) mit Dämpfungsmaterial gefüllt; Hardware: Edelstahl; Anschlüsse: Eisen AVP mit Zink behandelt, um die Gefahr von Rost zu beseitigen; Regale: MDF-Holz, Polymer-Laminat.
Maximale Belastung für jedes Regal 60 kg

Thanks to the priority given on the quality research for the materials used, all the main characteristics of the previous technical products – made by welding – merge with the technical properties developed over the years from the Hyperspike line and gives life to a range of equipments mainly characterized by the excellence, the quality and the simplicity of its components. The refined and basilar style of the discontinued Series is unmistakably present in the new S3 Series, which is always the result of a passion for listening, for the audiophile and, above all, for music. In particular, the use of structural materials finely processed – carefully selected and of absolute Italian origin – allows the realization of a variety of supports with excellent functional properties, able to meet any type of need, both for a common Hi-Fi system that for a more complex setting. This line marks ultimately an important evolution within our product range thanks to its technical properties and offers to the listeners, like never before for what may concern our old welded products, as well an aesthetic improvement for this category of racks and bases, able in this way to be a point of reference for a wide variety of spaces and locations.