WiiM Pro Hi Res HiFi Streamer / DAC


  • Smart temperature control: The Wiim Pro can intelligently adjust the temperature of your home to help you save energy and stay comfortable.
  • Remote access: You can control the Wiim Pro remotely using the Wiim app, so you can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere.
  • Energy reports: The Wiim Pro can generate reports on your energy usage and help you identify areas where you can save on your electricity bill.
  • Compatibility: The Wiim Pro works with a wide range of heating and cooling systems, making it easy to integrate into your home.
  • Easy installation: The Wiim Pro is designed to be easy to install, and comes with everything you need to get started right away.

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Technische Daten
Harmonische Verzerrungen THD (Analoge Ausgänge) -92dB (0.0025%)
Signal-Rauschabstand 106dB
DAC Typ TI PCM 5121
App Controlled WiiM Home
Digitalen Eingänge Optish SPDIF
Analoge Eingänge RCA LIne-in
Analoge Ausgänge RCA Line-Out
Digitale Ausgänge Optish SPDIF, COAX
Streamingdienste Chromecast Audio, AirPlay 2, AirPlay Cast, DLNA, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect
Streaming-Funktionen Gruppieren mit Nest Lautsprechern und Display, Gruppieren mit Echo Lautsprechern und Display, Alexa Multiroom mit UHD, Gruppieren mit HomePods, Funktioniert mit Alexa, Funktioniert mit Google, Funktioniert mit Siri, Gruppieren mit WiiM oder Linkplay Geräten

Super easy setup

WiiM Pro will pop up automatically in the WiiM Home app.

Follow the in-app guide and start streaming music in less than 2 minutes.

Stream Hi-Res audio up to 192 kHz/24 bit

WiiM Mini supports up to 192kHz, 24-bit audio output. That’s the same as an artist’s recording in the studio. The integrated TI stereo DAC provides high-quality analog audio output with 106-dB SNR, dynamic range, and -92dB THD+N performance.

All your content in one app

We support many popular music streaming services in our WiiM Home app with more to come. Or connect to your NAS or local files to stream your favorite music.

Play music everywhere with multi-room audio

Easily build your multiroom sound system with your existing AirPlay 2 speakers, Amazon Echo, and Google Home devices. Using your legacy audio devices, you can create a more flexible multiroom sound system with multiple WiiM Pros, WiM Minis, or LinkPlay-powered devices. WiiM Pro supports multiroom from various audio source inputs, including WiFi, BT, Aux, and SPDIF input, making it versatile with almost every music listening option.